A new report from Phished confirms what we know: it really just takes one click on a bad link to hurt an organization. They analyzed data from over 100 million phishing simulations around the globe. According to their research, 22% of employees are likely to expose their company to data breaches.

Here are some of the key takeaways:

  • 53% of those who open a phishing email are likely to click a malicious link
  • 23% will give up credentials on a spoofed login page
  • 7% of those will download and open a malicious attachment

This is why it's so critical to prevent phishing emails from reaching the inbox. A majority of people will click on something they shouldn't, and a good portion of those people will keep going, giving up data or credentials.

By stopping the phish from ever reaching the inbox, your employees have no shot of clicking on it. That's how Avanan works. The malicious message never reaches the inbox. that's not the case with other API solutions, which remediate after it hits the inbox. Sometimes, this takes as long as five minutes. That's an eternity on the internet. 

Prevention is the only form of security that can guard against end-users clicking on malicious links. That's exactly what Avanan brings to the table.

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