Everyone who works in cybersecurity and, in particular, the SOC, knows exactly the toll managing the email threat takes.

They know, on an instinctual level, the sheer amounts of email-borne threats that come across their desks on a daily basis.

Today's phishing scams are overwhelming and relentless. It explains why 60% of SOC employees are considering leaving the job or changing careers altogether because of burnout. And that study was done before COVID-19; it's only gotten worse.

A study undertaken during COVID found that SOC staff saw their hours and workload increase, and a remarkable 3/4 of those surveyed said they felt some form of burnout.

We know that the SOC is under siege. What we wanted to find out was how much of that time was being taken up by email threats alone. 

To do so, we released a survey in the field, and it's the first comprehensive research study of its kind. Over 500 IT managers and leaders were surveyed to build a comprehensive look into the time associated with dealing with malicious emails.

We broke our questions into three categories: Prevention, Response and Investigation, and asked respondents to quantify how many hours were spent on a number of tasks.

We think the findings will resonate. That's why we're presenting them as part of a webinar entitled, "The State of Email Security Survey Results."

In the webinar, we'll go over the results of the survey. When you attend the webinar, you'll also receive a copy of the white paper.

And, don't forget: when you RSVP, you'll be entered for a chance to win a Peloton.

Make sure to sign up and join us when we reveal the research on Thursday, January 28th at 11am ET.

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