Check Point Research has found that education is the most attacked sector in the world.

This sector sees 2.3K attacks per week, a 53% increase over 2021. 

Education has also seen the second-most ransomware attacks, with 1 out of 30 organizations impacted weekly. 

This is all centered around the fact that attacks across all sectors have dramatically increased, by as much as 32%. 


There was also a troubling 59% increase in ransomware. Now, 1 out of 40 organizations is hit by ransomware each week.  In Latin America, a whopping one out of 23 organizations is hit by ransomware each week.

Whatever industry you are in, whatever part of the country you reside in, ransomware is coming. Education has seen the brunt of all attacks, but all organizations are seeing increases.

The landscape hasn't changed--it's gotten worse. It's incumbent upon organizations to take proactive action to lessen the impact of these attacks and work to prevent them from happening in the first place.