Cyber insurance premiums have risen exponentially.

Estimates vary, but according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, premiums collected by the largest U.S. carriers increased by 92% YoY in 2021.

Further, 82% of insurers expect premiums to rise over the next two years.

That’s because payouts have risen. The industry loss ratio is now 65%; from 2015-2019, the average loss ratio was 42%

When evaluating a claim, insurers are becoming much more stringent. Some organizations that don’t have proper precautions in place will see premiums rise by as much as 300%--if they are approved at all. 

These are two direct questions from an insurance application:

  • Do you pre-screen emails for potentially malicious attachments and links? Yes or No.
  • Do you have the capability to automatically detonate and evaluate attachments in a sandbox to determine if they are malicious prior to the delivery to the end-user? Yes or No.

Insurers want to know how respondents are set up in these areas:

    • Email security
    • MFA adoption
    • Backup procedures
    • Endpoints
    • User awareness
    • Encryption
    • Firewalls


The market can be confusing. On Thursday, September 22nd, join us as we discuss the state of the cyber insurance market, how to make sense of rising premiums, and how to best position yourself to obtain a reasonably priced cyber insurance policy.