The state of email security is a growing concern among IT and security decision-makers.

As threat landscapes encourage email and collaboration organizations to improve cybersecurity postures, protecting C-suites is a top ask from CISOs across the world. According to a published report on My Tech Decisions, companies seek three key components: increased cyber awareness in the C-Suite, protecting collaboration tools, and improved cyber preparedness.

Whether it includes protecting Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Slack, or staying ahead of the cyber security curve, there are solutions to give what global CISOs want.

Avanan is a leader in email security and collaboration. Using API technology for email security, as well as applying AntiVirus and Threat Emulations, protecting C-Suite tools is no longer a hope, but an achievable reality for many organizations. Avanan leverages API to o implement email security, providing inline, pre-delivery protection. We model our AI for pre-filtering, phishing, BEC, attack classification, anomaly detection, compromised accounts, and inbound, outbound, and internal emails. These include Microsoft and Google services and are ready to use within minutes of installation. 

As a bi-directional feed between Avanan’s email and collaboration and ThreatCloud (an intel that analyzes 2 billion websites and files that are updated daily), the solution remains an unmatched data set and decision network. 

Email remains the number one threat vector Avanan’s email security solution can bring peace of mind to CISOs everywhere