Have you ever gotten an email like this from your boss?

How do you respond? You want to act quickly since it's the CEO talking.

That's exactly what Business Email Compromise attacks are built on. No malware, no malicious links. Just fooling the end-user. And that's why they are so popular. 

As we reported in our 1H 2021 Global Phish Cyber Attack Report, BEC accounts for 20.7% of all phishing attacks.

BEC can be incredibly difficult to stop. It's no surprise, then, that the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) reported that, in 2020, they received 19,369 BEC complaints. The total losses? $1.8 billion.

The above attack was missed by Google. Even though Google has the internal access needed to prevent BEC attacks, their infrastructure can’t perform the per-customer contextual analysis required to stop these. Far too many companies and customers work with Gmail, making it impossible for them to properly monitor all internal accounts and understand an organization's relationships and reputation patterns.

Avanan does things a bit differently. Within hours of first deployment, the Avanan AI scans a year's worth of email conversations to build a reputation network that not only provides superior BEC protection, it reduces the number of false positives that plague most other email solutions. The 'tuning' that typically takes months with other security solutions is done automatically using millions of real email conversations.

With Avanan, if you get an urgent message from your boss, you'll know that it's legitimate. 

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