By now, you know full well what BEC is. It's receiving a message, usually from someone pretending to be a higher-up, and asking for information. These are incredibly damaging financially.

We're noticing that it extends beyond corporate email. Here's a real-world example that one of our employees received. It's "sent" from our CEO, Gil Friedrich. Of course, as you notice, the sender address is off and it's a Gmail address. It was sent to our employee's personal address. 


Just when you thought you didn't have enough to worry about. Phishing can happen anywhere--corporate email, of course, but also personal email, WhatsApp, Teams and more.

Understanding what to look for in a phishing attack--in this case, the sender address is off--from both a security service and an end-user perspective. And when personal and business email is comingled, especially on your phone, it can be even more dangerous.