Avanan received a 5-star review from Expert Insights.

Expert Insights tested Avanan over a number of months, sending the platform real malicious attachments and phishing messages. They then reported back on how the platform fared.

As they wrote:

The platform is a market leader in malicious attachment protection and link scanning - this protection extends to collaboration and communication channels such as Slack, Teams, and OneDrive. This solution is highly recommended by Expert Insights for SMBs, large enterprises and MSPs.


Expert Insights praised Avanan's ability to stop phishing of all kinds and how it deals with all forms of sophisticated attacks.

Competitor platforms in the email space define themselves as anti-phishing: Avanan provides strong protection against phishing attacks, but this is a much more comprehensive platform. The strong security controls across multiple channels, powerful protection against malware and ransomware go beyond those offered by traditional email security players.


Simply put, as Expert Insights says:

The platform is feature rich, offers powerful security, and protection extends across enterprise collaboration and communication channels. We highly recommend that organizations looking for an all-in-one email and collaboration security stack consider shortlisting Avanan.



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