Avanan Rated Best-in-Class Vendor by Aite Group

In a new report, Aite Group identified more than 30 cybersecurity solutions providers that aim to help organizations reduce unwanted email and help defend against email attacks. The Aite Group Matrix Report explores key trends within email security and then graded eight solutions—four legacies, four startups—on numerous capabilities.

Avanan was rated as the best-in-class vendor by the Aite Group, beating out legacy vendors Proofpoint, Cisco and Mimecast. Avanan was praised for “capturing a notable percentage of the email security market” and scored top marks for high accuracy in detecting phishing and its low false positives. Additionally, Avanan’s other features, such as incident response and security of cloud-based file-sharing and collaboration apps was also highlighted. 

The Aite Group predicts continued rapid growth for Avanan, based on the simplicity of pricing and the strength of its additional product offerings. 

The full report highlights more of Avanan’s strengths, including how it scores well with customer service and support.

Read the full report and Aite Group’s takeaways on the state of the email security market.

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