Channel Futures published a list of the top 20 email security providers and Avanan is proud to be on the list. 

The article not only highlights 20 solutions but adds commentary from key industry analysts. The overarching sentiment was that attack forms like Business Email Compromise are driving the adoption of API-based email security vendors like AVanan.

As a Forrester analyst said:


“It’s no longer possible to offer just the secure email gateway (SEG) method of email security deployment due to that mass migration to cloud email infrastructure." 


Beyond stopping BEC attacks, Rik Turner, an Omdia analyst, noted the importance of being able to handle a full range of advanced attacks. 

“To be cutting-edge, a provider should definitely be able to address the newer generation of threats such asphishing, BEC and account takeover (ATO) attacks, and of course ransomware."


You can see the entire list , and all analyst commentary, by clicking here