Phishing is the number one cause of breaches today. From simple-seeming spoofs to complex, malware-driven scams, phishing is everywhere.

It can be a huge cause of concern for businesses of all sizes. But luckily, as Check Point notes, there are plenty of things you can do to improve your security. 

  • Automation. It just isn't possible for a human, or even a set of humans, to keep up with the high rate of phishing. Advanced AI is needed to stop 51% of today's threats. By employing such AI, Avanan can reduce the amount of phishing hitting the inbox by 99.2%
  • Cyber-awareness. Regular cyber training for all employees is critical. Alerting them to ongoing scams as well as providing them with the material needed to understand the threat landscape is a vital part of any security strategy
  • Threat Emulation. Avanan and Check Point can open a potentially dangerous file in a sandbox. It's a nifty way of seeing what the file would do without it actually causing it any harm. By doing this, we can see if the threat is dangerous and block it. We can also see if it's harmless. Without threat emulation, your systems could just be taking a guess.
  • Stop before the inbox. Even with the best training, end-users are liable to click on a message or link they shouldn't. In fact, hackers spend all their energy devising attacks that appear benign, even to the most discerning users. That's why preventing phishing from ever reaching the inbox is so critical. Avanan blocks malicious emails before they get to the end-user. That means there's no chance, not even for a second, for a user to click on something they shouldn't.  

Check Point has put together more great anti-phishing steps that you can implement easily and effectively to keep your business up and running. Check them out below.

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