One of our early customers graciously agreed to share a summary report from our early deployment with them. Before the evaluation, the customer assumed they had a security problem with the way they were using cloud. A few events they were aware of suggested that confidential documents might be at risk, and they knew they were not scanning the files shared with them for malware. But they did not have any visibility or metrics to assess this issue.

Early on in our conversation they asked that the outcome of the PoC would be a “State of the Cloud” report that they could share with management. We ran the trial and immediately started monitoring real-time activity for things like sensitive information in the cloud, confidential information shared outside the organization, malware and anomalous events, Shadow-IT (rogue applications and rogue SaaS), and more. Within a few days, we analyzed few years of historical usage. You can see the results yourself.

Based on the findings, we were able to recommend to the customer what security layers they need in place to address the gaps and what gaps don’t necessarily need to be fixed immediately and are OK, as long as they continue monitoring.

Download the sample assessment if you are interested to see the results, and feel free to request your own if you would like to run a similar security assessment on your cloud. 


Download Sample Assessment  Request an assessment on your cloud