Why Avanan?

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Cloud Email has unique threats

The cloud provides new ways to communicate but also new channels and techniques through which hackers can penetrate your organization. With the new conveniences comes new risks.

Microsoft can’t solve the problem

As the most used cloud email and collaboration platform in the world, Microsoft is also a primary target for hackers. A drawback to its widespread accessibility is that hackers routinely test their attacks on Microsoft security to ensure they can bypass its checks.

Based on analysis of 55.5 million emails, 25% of phishing attacks sent to Office 365 accounts will make it to the inbox.

Secure Email Gateways Are
Not Built for the Cloud

Originally built to secure on-prem email, providers have attempted to adapt secure email gateways to the cloud. However, they suffer from many shortcomings due to their non-native design. The largest deficiency is their impediment to existing security. Their required changes to MX records impairs or completely erases the embedded filters, meaning that instead of adding security scans they completely replace the default, obfuscating the value from those inherent layers.

How Avanan Solves the Cloud Email Problem

Layered Security

Avanan adds a layer of security after the default security or any gateway that may be in place to catch the attacks that they miss.

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Avanan Architecture
Inline Protection

Inline Protection via API

Avanan is the only security solution that connects to the cloud using native APIs while maintaining the ability to block threats before they make it to the inbox.

Learn why Avanan catches what others miss.

Search and Destroy

Avanan enables you to find and remove entire phishing campaigns from users inboxes based on sender, subject line, or dozens of other criteria.

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Search and Destroy

Complete Cloud Security

Avanan extends security beyond just cloud email to protect the entire suite from OneDrive to Slack to Google Drive to Teams and more.

Complete Cloud Security

Deploys in Minutes

Deploying like an app, Avanan takes only a few minutes to set up and begin securing your organization. There is no need for complicated configurations, just accept the permissions and you’re ready to go.

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Deploys in Minutes

Ready to fully secure your cloud email and collaboration?

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