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Office 365 Email Security

Protect your Office 365 Email/Microsoft Outlook
from phishing attacks and malware

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Microsoft's default security uses signature based detection, which misses much of today's sophisticated malware. First generation email security add-ons for Office 365 use an MTA gateway proxy, which only scans inbound emails, with no ability to analyze internal emails or retract infected emails that may already be in a user's inbox.
Avanan's next generation security platform provides tools from trusted security vendors that scan inbound, outbound, and internal emails, providing advanced AI powered malware detection without delaying email delivery and the ability to retract malicious emails from within a users' inbox. Only Avanan's Office 365 email security platform allows you to secure your organization's Office 365 and Outlook Email with layers of security beyond what Microsoft and other individual security tools can provide on their own.

for Office 365/Outlook

Multi-layered anti-phishing algorithm that blocks even the most sophisticated attacks


Malware Protection, Antivirus, and File Sanitization
for Office 365/Outlook

Advanced predictive AI can detect and block Zero-Day malware faster than ever before


DLP and Encryption
for Office 365

Flag and encrypt sensitive data in Office 365 to ensure it doesn't end up in the wrong hands



SaaS Anti-phishing document

Phishing in the Age of SaaS

Phishing attacks are experiencing newfound success with the proliferation of SaaS in the workplace. Learn how to defend against the newest methods of attack.

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