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Avanan offers complete security for data within Box, deploying instantly, with no need for a proxy, appliance or endpoint agent.

Zero-day Malware Protection

Malicious files can target your business through shared files and synchronized documents. Box does not scan for viruses so Avanan offers the industry’s most advanced malware protection for zero-day malware and targeted phishing attacks.

  • Antivirus tools from more than 40 leading vendors scan files with the latest signatures.
  • Malware sandboxing analyzes individual files before they are downloaded.
  • Advanced artificial intelligence instantly identifies unknown malware.
  • Data sanitization strips infected files of malware but keeps valuable data.

Data Breach Prevention

Identify and protect confidential information to ensure data compliance across all your cloud.

  • Use out-of- the-box rules to identify senstitive PCI, HIPAA, FERPA, PII or other confidential information types.
  • Automatically limit access to specific individuals or organizations.
  • Interactive workflow policies can both educatate and remediate potential breaches before they happen, eliminating the accidents that cause 95% of all leaks.
  • Optional encryption can protect data after it leaves the organization.

Insider Threat Detection

Avanan analyzes both real-time and historical events, going back a year or more before our first connection, monitoring across all cloud services.

  • Identify compromised credentials.
  • Request secondary authentication on anomalous events.
  • Detect geo-suspicious activity across multiple SaaS services.

Endpoint Compliance Enforcement

Avanan can enforce the same access rules on the cloud that you have deployed across your network, no matter from where they connect.

  • Allow only company-approved devices connect to the cloud.
  • Ensure the endpoint is running the latest version of OS and endpoint protection.
  • Remediate the endpoint before it connects.

Policy-based Encryption

Maintain control of your files, even after they leave the cloud.

  • Avanan offers industry-standard encryption tools, trusted by millions.
  • Protect confidential information even if it is shared outside the organization.
  • Automatically apply encryption policy using automated, user-friendly workflow.

SIEM Integration

Monitor events within Box using your existing security incident event manager (SIEM).

  • Include all your cloud events into your current workflow.
  • Monitor security events from
  • Report network and cloud compliance using the same tools.


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