Avanan Solutions Engineer Julie Walleshauser was featured in an article in Authority Magazine about the wisdom from women leading in the cybersecurity industry.   

The article is part of a series that features female cybersecurity leaders across the spectrum about the excitement of cybersecurity and the state of women in STEM. As Walleshauser says:  

I definitely think women will continue to have challenges in STEM and particularly cybersecurity. While a lot of companies are supportive and proactive about hiring women in tech, there are still very few women in this industry. I think a big part of this that needs to be changed is having mentors and women in leadership positions so that women can see a career path for themselves outside of the one they are currently in. While it’s still possible to grow professionally without mentors and leaders that are women I think that piece could be improved overall in this industry.

Read the rest of the article on their website: 

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