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Cloud Access

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The Risks of Cloud Accessibility

The cloud allows your employees to connect to all of your services from any device. While this is a huge boost to productivity, it also presents a plethora of security risks. The dispersion of access also makes it more difficult to stop unnaproved and malicious actors from gaining entry into your cloud. Many recent security breaches, whether wide spread phishing attacks or the massive hacks to Yahoo and LinkedIn, have provided hackers with stolen credentials to cloud services. As with most SaaS and cloud services, this is all that is needed for a malicious entity to access your services.

The Avanan Solution

Avanan's solution can be deployed in either Detect and Block Mode or Prevent Mode. In Detect and Block Mode, Avanan will monitor all logs to flag suspicious activity and then revoke access for the flagged user. In Prevent Mode, Avanan deploys a SAML2 authentication server. Upon login, the end-user is redirected through Avanan, which tests the credentials with the corporate User Directory/SSO but also incorporates the anomaly detection engine and the endpoint security posture module to make a decision. Avanan provides unmatched endpoint compliance and security posture assessment through our partnerships with leading solutions like OPSWAT, ForeScout and Bit9.


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Endpoint Security Posture

Every device being used to connect to your cloud poses serious threats to your entire organization. Avanan integrates with your existing endpoint compliance solution and uses contextual data (Who? What? Where? How?) to verify the compliance of any endpoint prior to any connection and ensures only approved devices are being used to access your cloud.

Anomaly Detection

Avanan is constantly analyzing end-user activity within your SaaS applications and using AI baselining algorithms to flag suspicious activities. The user associated with the suspicious activity will then have their credentials revoked, stopping any potential threat at the source.