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Avanan for
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Secure your business apps from both internal
and external threats

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Many SaaS business apps allow external parties to communicate with internal users, bypassing the user's email. This opens your organization up to malware threats even if your standard email and messaging apps are secured. Avanan combines the tools of the most trusted security vendors to bring best-in-class SaaS security to the applications that protect against these app specific threats and support your business activities.

Cloud Access Control

Corrolate events across multiple SaaS platforms to pinpoint and control exactly who is accessing your cloud, from where, and at what time


Insider Threat Detection

Monitor and be alerted of unusual user behavior in your business applications


Malware Protection

Scan incoming files and messages to your internal users for malicious content that could infect your business applications


URL Reputation and Detonation Scanning of Files

Analyze and test files containing suspicious URLs and downloads



Is SaaS Safe?

In this webinar we answer the questions that CISOs regularly ask:

  • Which SaaS offers the best built-in protection?
  • Is there a difference in protection between email and file sharing?
  • Should I scan both inbound and outbound? What about internal email and sharing?
  • How do I add more security if I need it?