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Any SaaS

Cloud-native security tools for all of your SaaS/IaaS applications to ensure no part of your organization is left vulnerable.

Avanan brings the world’s most trusted security vendors into your SaaS/IaaS applications, from Office 365 to G Suite, Amazon Web Services to Azure and everything in between. Most cloud solutions are built for easy access and collaboration, but sacrifice the robust data security that every enterprise organization needs in today's threat environment. Avanan's full-stack, defense-in-depth security is essential for your SaaS deployment.


Select your SaaS to learn more about how Avanan can secure you.

Avanan for Business SaaS

Avanan secures your business suite from both internal and external threats.

File Sharing

Avanan's file sharing security tools make it possible to maintain industry standard data compliance across all your file sharing applications.


Avanan provides the entire spectrum of Cloud Computing/IaaS security tools. From data leakage protection for Google Cloud Platform and Amazon S3, to access monitoring for Microsoft Azure Compute and Amazon Web Services EC2.