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Security Incident Event Management


See every SaaS and IaaS event in the same dashboard where you manage your security



Don't miss threats to your cloud due to data dispersion

Organizations manage day-to-day security for their on-prem from a SIEM but are unable to report all the events in the cloud (SaaS and IaaS) to the same console. This severely limits their visibility into security incidents occurring within their cloud environment, making them unable to implement necessary incident response processes.

Full event visibility with no re-configuration

With Avanan, all it takes is one click to bring all your SaaS and IaaS event reporting into your SIEM. Avanan displays raw data from the cloud application itself such as successful and failed logins and file sharing occurrences as well as process data from its security tools such as anomaly detection and malware identification. There will be no need for a change in firewall, as Avanan's integration allows your SIEM to pull in all of your cloud events without detriment to your existing firewall.

Avanan SIEM Integration Dashboard



Cloud Account Takeover

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Cloud Access Trojan

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Can a CASB Protect you from Phishing or Ransomware?

Can a CASB Protect you from Phishing or Ransomware?

What is a CASB and can it truly secure your cloud email?

Account Takeover Myths

9 Myths of Account Takeover

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  • Symantec
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