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Shadow IT Management

Regain visibility and control of unapproved cloud applications that put your organization at risk

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What SaaS Applications Are Your End Users Using?

App stores enable your users to add whatever application they want to your cloud. Innocent looking app approval requests make it easier than ever for these users to hand over full access to a third party. Unfortunately, they might be using unapproved cloud applications that are a threat to your confidential data. Hackers are now creating decoy applications that trick users into introducing malicious software to your cloud. Shadow IT has created a new type of security threat in the modern workplace.

The Avanan Solution

Avanan provides full visibiity into the SaaS applications used by the organization and the actual users that are using them. This is achieved by using our patented method of analyzing company's emails and network logs (optional). Avanan also monitors all the apps installed by end-users within the sanctioned SaaS's app-stores. Finally, based on access rights and actually access logs, Avanan assigns a risk-level for each application and allows the you to block them from accessing your credentials.

Unsanctioned SaaS

 An individual or a department might sign up for a SaaS application and connect directly from their desktop, laptop, or smart device. Any or all of the user's data might be at risk. With Avanan, you get full visibility into these device to cloud interactions in your organizations.

Unsanctioned Apps

Users can easily connect approved SaaS applications to third-party SaaS by granting direct cloud-to-cloud access. Sometimes these unsanctioned applications ask for more rights than what IT might approve. Avanan allows you to block these unapproved applications from accessing your domains credentials.