Evolution of an Attack: How Attackers Adapt to Fool Microsoft

The move to SaaS has changed the phishing landscape, making it one of the most pressing challenges facing organizations of every size. Now, the Office 365 inbox is the #1 threat vector, and Office 365 credentials the #1 target.

More than just a way to communicate, email has become the front door to corporate infrastructure. Login credentials present the best way to access confidential documents, communications, and intellectual property.

In this talk, we demonstrate how hackers use Microsoft’s own services to fool filters and utilize built-in tools to launch attacks within the organization.

To watch the session and get the presentation slides, click the button. You'll learn how to protect Office 365 from:

  • Email-based phishing, spoofing, and malware
  • Account takeover, insider threats, compromised Microsoft credentials
  • Loss of sensitive data from OneDrive, SharePoint and Office 365

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Links from the presentation - research reports accessible to Gartner clients:


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