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Avanan Referral Program

We appreciate our customers’ continued support. But we are eternally grateful when our customers tell friends and colleagues about Avanan. That’s precisely why the Avanan Referral Program exists. With this program, you will receive up to $1,000 for each customer who purchases Avanan after your referral.

How does the Avanan Referral Program work?

It’s quite easy.

  • If you’re enjoying your cloud security and simply can’t contain it, tell someone you know who could benefit from Avanan.
  • After an informative conversation with you close friend about Avanan’s differentiators and benefits, casually pass along our demo sign up link at https://www.avanan.com/referral-demo.
  • Grab your friend by the shoulders (or use bold font if you’re messaging them) and say, “When you sign up for the referral demo with Avanan, make sure that you mention my first and last name in the Referred by field."
  • If your friend (who is also a great listener) signs up for a demo with Avanan using that link, mentions your full name in the “Referred by” field, and makes the supremely wise decision to purchase Avanan, we’ll send you an Amazon gift card.
How much money will you be rewarded with for your efforts?

It ranges, but follows a simple formula depending on the size of the company you convince to give Avanan a try.

  • For every licensed Office 365 and G Suite user at your friend’s company, which is now secured by Avanan, you’ll get $1.
  • So, as you can see, the more users, the merrier. You can receive up to $1,000 in gift card money for your referral.
  • Minimum number of users is 200 to be eligable for referral program.