Customer Referral Program

We are grateful when our customers tell their friends and colleagues about how Avanan better secured their inboxes. With our Avanan Referral program, you can benefit as well: When a customer you refer signs with Avanan, you'll receive up to $5,000 as a token of our appreciation.


Here's How it Works: 


  • If you have a friend or colleague who would benefit from Avanan's industry-leading security, simply send them this unique demo link:
  • They can then mention your first and last name in the referred by field
  • You can also send us their names or send an email introduction—whichever is easiest
  • When your friend or colleague signs up for a demo and purchases Avanan for their company, we'll send you an Amazon gift card
  • For every licensed Office 365 or G Suite user secured by Avanan, you'll get $1. You can receive up to $5,000 for your referral
  • You can also choose to have us donate the final amount in your name to your favorite charity