Q3 Incentives


Check Point Field Rep Contest – Rev by Geo

  • $2500 to the Check Point Sales Rep and SE Team
  • One winning field team per Geo (Americas, EMEA, APAC)
  • Highest ARR for Email Security in Q3
  • Fine print
    • Does not apply to MSP deals
    • Renewals do not count 

Check Point Field SE Contest

  • $1000 to the SE that registers the most trials by 10/31/2022
  • 1 Winner Worldwide
  • How to Register: https://www.avanan.com/trialregistration
  • Fine print
    • One trial per customer
    • MSP/MSSP do not count
    • Trials must be > 1000 users
    • Trials must be registered prior to the kickoff of the POC not after the conclusion of the trial

Trial Partner SPIFF for Email Security

  • Gift card of $500 for partner registered deals that move to trial before end of Q3.
  • Details on PartnerMap  
  • Fine Print
    • Customer must have O365 or Gmail
    • Must have > 500 users
    • Must be a net email security logo (renewals do not count)