The Security Checkup report now details the way Microsoft / Google would have handled malicious emails and provides visibility to detected phishing Teams messages

Avanan is there to augment Microsoft / Google security. By definition, every detection made by Avanan is something that Microsoft / Google missed.

Malicious emails should never be available for end users to retrieve, so every time such an email makes its way to your users, it is a security risk.

Having said that, security teams are often interested to know where Microsoft / Google would have delivered these missed malicious emails  – to the user’s inbox or to the Junk folder.

The Security Checkup report – the periodic summary report consumed by security teams and C-level personnel – now includes a dedicated section that details where these malicious emails would have been delivered to if it wasn’t for Avanan.

In addition, the Security Checkup report now also includes visibility to Microsoft Teams messages detected as phishing.