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What Helps Protect from Spear Phishing?


In this explanatory article, we discuss spear phishing. The article details why it's so dangerous; how it works; and some of the best ways to protect against this attack form. 



The Static Expressway: How Hackers Leverage Legitimate Websites to Bypass SEGs and Microsoft

Secure Email Gateways and Microsoft rely on rules and static lists to block or allow email content. These allow lists can’t block legitimate sites like Google, so hackers have responded by leveraging legitimate websites to host phishing and malicious content. That means that more attacks are reaching end-users. In this whitepaper, you'll learn how the "Static Expressway" makes your enterprise less secure, and why advanced AI is required to stop these attacks.



Attacks on Mid-Sized Businesses Skyrocket in 2021

A new study found that mid-sized businesses are 490% more likely to be breached in 2021 as opposed to 2019. Attacks, in general, rose by 50%; malware delivered via email has increased by 154%. This underscores the vital importance that every business, regardless of size, is fully protected with email security. 




The Power of ThreatCloud

In this blog, we discuss ThreatCloud. We go over the basics of how it works and how powerful it is. Beyond that, we discuss its integration with Avanan. By combining both systems, you have the only email security product with the full-backing of advanced telemetry from millions of sources. It's the only true prevention-first model in the business. 



What is Email Spoofing?

In this explanatory blog, we discuss the phenomenon of email spoofing. That includes: What it is; why it's effective; the type of damage it can do; and how to protect your enterprise from falling prey to a spoofing attack. 



What is Smishing?

Another explanatory blog, this time about smishing, the text-message-based version of phishing. It's a phenomenon that's gaining in popularity and success. In this blog, we discuss what it is; how it works; and the best ways to stop it. 


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