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Simplicity and Effectiveness for this School District


As a large school district, New City (not its real name) was on the receiving end of a massive amount of phishing attacks. They were concerned with rising ransomware attacks in the education sector. Their Microsoft EOP protection was struggling against impersonation and BEC attacks. They needed a solution that prevented malicious emails from reaching the inbox, and one that fits within their limited budget. In this case study, learn how the Avanan solution "solved the phishing problem" so that New City knows their email is fully protected.  



Do You Have a Minute? How a Simple Question Can Lead to Major Damage

Business Email Compromise attacks have exploded in popularity. Gartner has found that BECs have increased by nearly 100% in 2019 and through 2023, they predict that BEC attacks will continue to double each year, at a cost of over $5 billion to its victims. Plus, according to Avanan research, BECs make up 20.7% of all phishing attacks. They are incredibly popular and effective because they are simple. By spoofing a trusted user it requires no malware or malicious URL to convince a recipient to share valuable information or send a significant amount of money. In this attack, a hacker spoofs an executive at a company. They ask for a "swift" response from a lower-level employee. Using traditional social engineering tactics, such as urgent language, to get the user to act, the hope is that an end-user will respond and act, thinking it is indeed the CEO.   



How This Shipping Company Got the Email Problem Under Control

As a large cargo shipping company, Palm Cargo was being inundated with phishing attacks reaching its end-users. Their ATP protection was particularly struggling against spoofing and BEC attacks. They needed a solution that prevented malicious emails from reaching the inbox. In this case study, learn how Avanan helped them prevent malicious emails and BEC attacks from reaching the inbox. 




This USPS Spoof Shows Us That Phishmas is Upon Us

The holidays are approaching, and there appears to be a shipping crunch. Due to supply chain concerns, many are worried that they won’t get their holiday gifts in time. In response to people anxiously checking tracking numbers and refreshing their emails to see the status of their goods, hackers are spoofing shipping and missed goods notification emails. In this attack brief, Avanan analyzes this spoofed USPS notification, which leads to a credential harvesting page. The credential harvesting webpage asks users to pay $1 for a re-delivery. That's where users are directed to enter their credit card information, which hackers can then use for future attacks and fraudulent purchases. 



Deloitte Fast 500: Avanan is the Fastest Growing Email Security Company for Two Years Running

Avanan announced it ranked No. 125 on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500, a ranking of the 500 fastest-growing technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences, fintech, and energy tech companies in North America, now in its 27th year. Avanan, which grew 1,094% over the last three years, ranks as the fastest-growing email security company for the second year in a row



How a Major Airline Better Secured Its Cloud

As a major airline, Fly High needed better efficiency with their email catch rate than what they were getting with Proofpoint. Additionally, they were looking for protection for their Microsoft Teams account, which they rely upon heavily, for internal communications. They also wanted a solution that was cloud-native and connected via API. In this case study, you'll see how Avanan solved their problems. 


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