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How Impersonation Attacks Fool Users


In this attack brief, we discuss how impersonation attacks get past scanners. We also write about how impersonation attacks are focusing on lower-level employees. In fact, non-executives are targeted 77% more often than execs. This may seem counter-intuitive. However, we've noticed security admins tend to spend more time providing extra attention to the C-Suite, potentially leaving lower-level employees exposed. Further, non-executives have access to plenty of sensitive information and financial data. In this brief, we uncovered a DocuSign spoof that's aimed at lower-level employees. This particular attack was stopped due to phishing language in the body and static layers like domain and sender reputation. 



The Importance of Accurate Installations

In this blog, we talk about how rules are prone to mistakes. Just one mistake, one mistyped letter or word is enough to cause serious consequences to the email flow and can invite attacks into the enterprise. It's much better, then, to go with an API installation, one that's automated and can guarantees success. Pair it with a powerful AI and ML-based solution that adjusts and improves over time and organizations will see that the most sophisticated threats are being stopped.  



It's Always a Good Time to Start Protecting Against Ransomware

Governments around the world came together to declare that ransomware represents an "escalating global security threat." No prescriptions were announced, however, it's easy to imagine sanctions being part of the equation. This blog serves as a reminder that cyber actors won't stop ransomware attacks because a group of nations says to stop. That's why it's imperative to deploy a solution that blocks ransomware before the inbox, and to do so now, as opposed to waiting until it's too late.