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New Research Underscores Importance of Prevention-Based Security


A new report from a group of researchers at Arizona State, Google, Samsung and PayPal found that the average detection of an attack occurs nine hours after the first victim is hit. Beyond that, the average phishing attack lasts 21 hours and more than a third of all victim traffic to phishing websites took place after the attack is detected. It underscores the importance of prevention first. Once the attack hits the environment, it's too late. Prevention has to be the way forward to keeping email and all systems safe. 



If You Have Gmail, You Need Avanan

We found, in a recent analysis, that Gmail delivered more than half of the emails that Avanan marked as phishing into the inbox. The rest is accessible in the spam folder. Though many enterprises use Microsoft, a significant amount use Google Workspace. If you use Google, then an unacceptable amount of phishing will get into the inbox. The ones that don't will end up in spam, still accessible to end-users. If you use Gmail, Avanan is a must, because it does a far better job of preventing malicious emails from reaching the inbox. 



The History and Future of Social Engineering

Social engineering has been around as long as there's been money to be made. Phishing is only the most recent innovation and it's poised to get worse. In this Check Point e-book, the pernicious nature of social engineering is discussed, as well as how the Avanan and Check Point solution will work to keep organizations safe.



Attacks Skyrocket in 2021

New Check Point research found that there are 40% more attacks per week in 2021 as compared to 2020. It hit a peak in September, with the average weekly number of attacks on each organization reaching 870, more than double the number in March 2020. Beyond that, per week, 1 out of every 61 organizations is impacted by ransomware per week, leading to a 9% overall increase in ransomware. 



The Avanan Experience

This blog gives potential customers a look under the hood, showing what they would see and how Avanan would work for them should they sign up. It goes through various parts of the portal, as well as some of the most popular actions. This is also a valuable blog for current customers, who may a little refresh on the platform.  



Why Customers Switch from Secure Email Gateways to Avanan

Based on feedback from a customer who switched from Mimecast to Avanan, we wrote this blog showcasing the many reasons customers switch to Avanan. In general, customers don't like that SEGs blind default security; and that they change aspects and indicators in the email headers. Because the SEG doesn't catch all attacks, by disabling default security, if the SEG misses it, it's going into the inbox. Beyond that, customers don't like that they have to change MX records, broadcasting security to hackers. For this customer, Avanan represented a paradigm shift in securing email. The change was well worth it.