Salt Lake City, UT
VLCM has in-house IT Professional, Managed Services, Cybersecurity, Communication Technology, and Managed Print Services teams that can tailor the right solutions to your business environment.

VLCM clients can get a free demonstration. After a quick walk-through, you'll see why our patented technology catches the advanced threats missed by all other security layers.

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VLCM Gets IT Right

VLCM has been serving enterprise technology and data solutions to businesses since 1983.

They help organizations and businesses of all shapes and sizes achieve their goals through dedicated technologies that help keep them secure, connected, smart, and agile. VLCM is unique in that their 25+ engineers cater to entire IT environments, from networking, to storage, cybersecurity to big data, print, phone and PC, and beyond. VLCM helps IT professionals stay informed of the latest in IT technologies with the best in-person and virtual IT events, and by partnering with both dedicated and emerging technology vendors.