Chessington, UK
Northamber is the longest established trade-only distributor of IT equipment and services in the UK.

Northamber clients can start a free assessment of Avanan for email security. An audit can begin in 10 minutes, with no need to reroute email traffic. Gain insight into existing vulnerabilities and the performance of current email security.

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About Northamber PLC.

Northamber PLC is a leading UK only flexible Value Add Distributor who helps partners proactively develop technical AV & IT brands with unrivaled Relationships, Service & Knowledge. They are very proud to be the longest standing UK only Value-Add AV & IT Distributor. Founded in 1980 by their late chairman David Phillips, Northamber maintains a long term approach to everything they do placing a high value on their relationships and doing the right thing for their partners and team as they believe this is the best way to deliver long term value.