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Office 365 Security

Secure your entire Office 365 environment using Avanan--every user in every application.

Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Security with Avanan platform

Microsoft Office 365 Apps

Avanan provides tools from the most trusted security vendors, allowing you to secure your organization's Office 365 domain, from Outlook to OneDrive and everything in between. We offer layers of security beyond what Microsoft can provide alone.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Integration for Office 365

SIEM Integration for Office 365

Having data about your G Suite security is good, acting on it is better. Avanan takes it one step futher, allowing you to connect all Office 365 user events and alerts to your SIEM, even if it is on-prem. We do this without any firewall changes, so you can manage your Office 365 security with the same incident-response policies you already have in place.