Avanan was named to the "Best Of" Phishing Protection list by Expert Insights.

The award, according to Expert Insights, recognizes cybersecurity solutions that provide great protection for customers. The awards are chosen by the editorial and content team, based on product features, market presence and customer score.

As they wrote,

The fact that Avanan’s solution uses machine learning technology means that it’s constantly adapting to new and innovative attacks designed to slip past legacy email security solutions and gateways. It provides protection for each user’s individual inbox, rather than the organization’s general domain, which protects users from inbound, outbound and internal emails.

Avanan has been the recipient of scores of recognition for its powerful product, including top ratings in Gartner and G2

Avanan's powerful anti-phishing is second to none, because it is the only product that is tuned to catch what Microsoft and Google miss. As the only vendor to secure email inline, Avanan stops the most sophisticated attacks that otherwise would've been missed.

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