Avanan's CEO Gil Friedrich was featured in an article in ThriveGlobal about the challenges and opportunities that comes with communicating with employees remotely.  

The article is part of a series that features CEOs across all industries about they've managed communicating with employees during the last year. As Friedrich says:  

 I am very direct in a face-to-face conversation and over Zoom. I find that I need to rely on words and a clear message even when face-to-face because I don’t want to rely on interpretation. What helped me is that whatever the message is, aside from obviously being polite about it, I assume I could be wrong, so I have to listen to the other person and acknowledge my mistake quickly, if necessary. So, I think you can share an opinion or concern quickly without overthinking your word selection, be open and honest, of course polite, and be ready to stand corrected or apologize for a mistake.

Read the rest of the article on their website: 

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