Avanan was featured in Cybercrime Magazine in an article about the importance of artificial intelligence in sussing out obfuscation attacks from hackers. As it's written:

Beyond that, using the hacker’s obfuscation techniques as a way to identify the attack is critical. That means that the AI checks these obfuscation techniques. That includes things like URL and UTF encoding in the email’s headers and attachments, links with suspicious patterns, SPF failure and more.

When the AI is tuned to these things, more will be picked up. Ensuring you AI checks for things like phishing language in an email body; encoded content, such as scripts to encode or decode Base64; HTML obfuscation such as ZeroFont; the existence of a crypto wallet; and much more.

The back-and-forth between hackers and security systems will only get more fierce. Properly protecting yourself is the key to staying out of the fray.

Read the entire article on their website.

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