Avanan was featured in an article about the vulnerabilities of internal communication platforms in the healthcare industry in Health IT Security.  

In the article, Avanan discusses the problem of how collaboration apps like Microsoft Teams and Slack can be sieves of patient and other sensitive data.. As it's written:


With one click, sensitive information can be forwarded outside the organization, either by mistake or deliberately. Whether an employee mistakenly forwards sensitive health information, or someone is hacked and the information is being released deliberately, it leads to HIPAA violations, loss of patient trust and so much more.

In healthcare, the goods are plentiful. Some of the most sensitive data a person can have is shared with their doctor and healthcare providers. It goes beyond basic data like Social Security and addresses. It’s every blood test, every exam, every medication, and family history. Having that data released is damaging. It’s why hackers are so focused on infiltrating systems and getting data.

With more of that data now on Slack and Teams, it’s more opportunity to access and sell that information.

Read the rest of the article on the website: 

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