Avanan's CEO Gil Friedrich was featured in an episode of the Hacking Humans podcast. The podcast, part of The Cyberwire, discusses social engineering. In the podcast, Friedrich discusses the inherent risks of collaboration apps, like Teams and Slack. As he says:

We use these new platforms more and we don't know how to protect them. On Teams, it was just introduced to enterprise. The question of how to protect is is still very new. There's an assumption that, unlike email, those platforms are a little more closed. It's by invite. People put more trust in it. They behave as if they are texting with their friends. They send anything, even sensitive information, trust anything. Most commonly, the initial break-in will be done through email. The spreading will be done through another platform, like Teams or OneDrive. Hackers are able to bypass everything done for email security and propogate through a platform that has more trust from the recipient. 


Listen to the rest of the episode below.

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