Avanan CEO Gil Friedrich was featured in an article in Aspioneer Magazine

In the piece, Friedrich talked about how Avanan's growth and its unique approach to securing the cloud.  As he said: 

What is unique to Avanan is that we have found a way to implement inline security via API, without any secret or unsupported APIs, but through a unique technology that leverages existing cloud-to-cloud connectivity to scan the content before it is delivered to the inbox. Eventually, we have been granted a patent for this technology, and it is what allows us to replace the legacy gateways with a modern architecture that fully protects cloud-based email and collaboration suites via API. Avanan is the only API-based solution with all the advantages of visibility and functionality that come from protecting the SaaS from the inside, and that can also secure inline before the email ever reaches the end-user. That combination means better security with true protection.”

Head to Aspioneer to read the entire article.

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