Avanan CEO Gil Friedrich was featured in an interview in OpsCompass. In the interview, Friedrich discusses the state of cloud security. As he says:

The state of cloud security is a bit perilous. With so many apps out there, from collaboration to file sharing, and of course email, the sheer amount of attack vectors has skyrocketed. Hackers are getting ever-creative with their attacks. They’re doing everything they can to leverage the cloud to launch attacks. Unfortunately, many legacy security solutions weren’t built for the cloud, and have sought to deploy an on-prem solution to the cloud. That works with mixed results, at best, leaving organizations and users more exposed than they should be. However, newer technologies, including inline security, have come to the market and have utilized a cloud-first strategy, leveraging APIs and AI more effectively, helping to thwart many of these attacks.

Read the rest of the interview below:

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