New York, March 11, 2019 — At the RSA Conference on March 4th, Cyber Defense Magazine announced Avanan as a recipient of the 2019 Infosec Awards, which honors "bold, innovative companies that are on the cutting edge of solving problems in information security." After 6 months of deliberation, information security professionals judging the competition determined that Avanan is worthy of the "Cutting Edge" crown in the Anti-Phishing category. 

Recognized alongside KnowBe4 and Cofense in the Anti-Phishing category, Avanan distinguished itself from over 3,000 global applicants for its innovation and vision within a crowded market. 

" We like that instead of an SEG (secure email gateway), which all other vendors use, Avanan has its API running in the cloud. We are pleased with performance of this solution. Phishing emails are rarity if not all disappeared."

- Gartner Peer Insights Review from a Systems Admin Manager in Manufacturing

Because Avanan deploys as an app inside the cloud its securing, the anti-phishing algorithm has heightened visibility into the methods hackers use to bypass malicious content filtering provided by Office 365 EOP, ATP, Gmail, Proofpoint, and Mimecast. (To clarify, some Avanan customers also use ATP and email gateways in conjunction with Avanan, after discovering that those tools weren't blocking enough phishing attacks. Often, they'll cancel their contract with those anti-phishing vendors after experiencing the efficacy and simplicity of Avanan's product.) 

When Avanan announced its $25 million Series B funding last December, CEO Gil Friedrich spoke about why organizations need Avanan over email gateways, which most IT professionals associate with advanced anti-phishing. 

"Companies that use SaaS-based email and collaboration platforms quickly realize that hackers find ways to bypass their security. By connecting directly to the cloud, we not only deploy faster, but also detect and block all the threats that proxies are unable to see due to their position outside the cloud. The difference to our customers is night and day."

- Gil Friedrich, Avanan CEO  

About Avanan

Avanan secures cloud-based email, messaging, and file-sharing. Connecting to enterprise apps using their own APIs, Avanan deploys in minutes to protect organizations from phishing, malware, data leakage, account takeover, and shadow IT. On the Avanan platform, pre-licensed security technologies from best of breed vendors are available for one-click deployment.

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