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Malware & Ransomware Protection

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Malware and Your SaaS

Files are constantly being disseminated throughout your organization via cloud email, shared folders, and collaboration applications. Most SaaS applications don't scan for malware at all, and those that do use basic scanning methods that can be tested and bypassed by an experienced hacker.

The Avanan Solution

Through dynamic analysis in a scalable cloud-based, virtual environment, Avanan directly detects malicious behavior and quarantines files before the threat has a chance to spread. Avanan customers can choose from the leading malware detection tools on the market to identify unknown malware and zero-day APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats) or use one of our pre-packaged security bundles.



Avanan integrates with the most advanced Sandboxing technologies from FireEye, Check Point, Palo Alto Networks, Cisco, and others. Through our cloud-native, scalable, multi-layered detection system, Avanan detects and in-cloud quarantines malicious files before the threat reaches any endpoints, whether it is within shared folder, email, or cloud application. Unlike alternative malware testing methods (like proxies or MTAs), our sandbox integration provides a safe yet seamless experience for the end user with little to no delay/interruption.

File Sanitization

Many document formats include invisible active content such as macros, scripts, binary objects and web links, and the vast majority of malicious files leverage this capability to propagate malware. Data sanitization provides a catch-all option to completely neutralize these attacks. Instead of relying on detection that is prone to false-negatives, file sanitization will replace the original file with a sanitized version of the file, maintaining its content and format but removing any macros and binary resources.

Predictive AI

Avanan integrates with predictive AI/Next-Gen vendors to detect malware other methods would typically miss. Our AI uses the findings of this analysis and applying it to predict which files may contain malware before they can be detected by other methods. Predictive malware protection enables Avanan to improve responsiveness across all of your devices, stopping the potential threat before it has a chance to inflict damage to your organization.



The Avanan Cloud Security Platform offers a selection from over 40 of the most trusted Antivirus vendors. By scanning your files with multiple AV scanners simultaneously, Avanan can improve the catch rate of the latest attacks.


“If you don’t use Avanan, you’re not doing what you should be doing as a CISO.”

Kip James, CISO of ServiceSource


WannaCry: Inside The New Generation of Malware

Government-developed malware is loose and IT teams are scrambling. Avanan customers were protected and we had the resources of multiple partners to analyze the attack.