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Data Leak Prevention & Regulatory Compliance


Easily control your data in the cloud and meet all of your industry’s compliance regulations.

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The nature of cloud file sharing opens you up to new vulnerabilities

Cloud applications make it easier than ever for your employees to access and share data, both internally and externally. External access to internal files has become nearly frictionless. This makes the cloud both an enabler of unprecedented convenience as well as a major source of risk. Complicated sharing permissions make data leakage and compliance difficult to manage.

Avanan makes securing data across all your cloud apps easier than ever

Avanan enables you to create and automate universal policies across multiple cloud applications to control how files are shared amongst internal and external users. Our advanced tools identify and mark files containing confidential, financial, and personally identifiable information, including: credit card numbers, social security numbers, or data protected under HIPAA.

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Seamless Security for Citrix ShareFile

Citrix White Paper


avanan for dlp

Solution Brief: Avanan for DLP

With Avanan’s data security solutions you can maintain PCI, HIPAA, SOX, GDPR, and other regulatory requirements, and implement policies that prevent violations before data is leaked.

Securing Citrix Sharefile

Webinar: Securing Citrix Sharefile

In this webinar we demonstrate how organizations quickly fill security gaps in Citrix ShareFile using best of breed security in a single click.

How to Complete Office 365 Security Stack

Webinar: How to Complete the Office 365 Cloud Security Stack

We discuss the capabilities and shortcomings of Office 365’s built-in security, and how you can supplement it with cloud based tools and extend that same security across all your SaaS applications.



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