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Avanan is the only platform that allows businesses to choose from a powerful suite of best-of-breed anti-phishing tools in order to provide multiple layers of defense

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Phishing in the Age of SaaS

Phishing attacks have become the most common method used to distribute malware and ransomware, impacting over 85% of organizations. The unlimited access and weaker built-in defenses provided by the SaaS applications create new and fruitful opportunities for phishing attacks, making your organization even more vulnerable to these threats.

The Avanan Solution

The Avanan Anti-Phishing package employs multiple strategies to catch phishing attacks, ensuring that attacks designed to surpass a particular defense method will face more than one wall of security. Even though most phishing attacks originate from email, Avanan implements anti-phishing measures across every SaaS application to thwart the new generation of attacks.


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Email Security - Impersonation Analysis

Impersonation Analysis

Impersonation comes in many forms. Avanan's security tools analyze the entire message; this includes the authenticity of the sender, the email headers, and the content of the body. This method has proven to detect and prevent spear-phishing attempts on CxOs.


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Email Security - Attachment Scanning

URL and File Analysis

As many phishing attacks propagate through a malicious URLs or files, it's important to scan this type of content before it reaches the end-user. Avanan reviews and analyzes links whether they are in the message content or contained in an attached file.


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Email Security for SaaS

AI Baselining for Suspicious Email Activity

As hackers constantly look for ways to create attacks that resemble genuine emails, new detection mechanisms are created on the fly to combat the latest phishing methods in real time.


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User Impersonation

Avanan looks to see if a similar sender exists in the organization with a different email address. We identify the sender by cross referencing several fields in the email such as the sender name, email signature, etc.

Domain Impersonation

Avanan checks if the sender is sending from a domain similar to a known domain but with a different mail-flow path, different source IP, etc.

Brand Impersonation

Avanan detects if the email appears to be coming from a trusted brand (Fedex, Microsoft, etc) but its mail-flow path does not fit that sender

Static Analysis

Tools that perform static analysis of the content vary in technology but all analyze the content as displayed in the email. Some examples include Antivirus scanning, predictive malware analysis of files, and URL reputation filtering.

Dynamic Analysis

Tools that perform dynamic analysis emulate the action of the file or link in a sandbox environment and compare the result to known malware activities. Some examples include following a URL and comparing the rendered image result to that of a known login page or opening a file in a sandbox environment to test the actions it takes.

Given the importance of discretion surrounding these phishing defenses, the details of our AI Baselining can only be revealed to existing customers or serious inquiries. Click here if you would like to set up a demo with one of our experts and learn more.


SaaS Anti-phishing document

Phishing in the Age of SaaS

Phishing attacks are experiencing newfound success with the proliferation of SaaS in the workplace. Learn how to defend against the newest methods of attack.

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