Managing Tenants and MSPs

The MSP Portal allows Managed Service Providers to manage customer portals (tenants). It is possible to create new tenants and set their license package, as well as license add-ons. For Top-level MSP, it is also possible to add child-MSP tenants (sub-tenant) that allows smaller providers to manage their customers.

Creating a New Tenant

To create a new tenant:

  1. Go to Manage Tenants.
  2. Click Add Tenant.
  3. Under MSP, select the MSP under which you need to create the tenant.
    Note - This option appears only for the Parent MSPs that manage other Child MSPs.
  4. Under Email Address, enter the email address of the tenant admin.
  5. Under Tenant, enter the tenant name.
  6. Under Name, enter the name of the tenant admin.
  7. Under Phone, enter the phone number of the tenant admin.
  8. Under Company, enter the company name of the tenant.
  9. Under Region, select the data region for the tenant.
  10. Click Save.
    A new tenant gets created. By default, the tenant will be set to trial mode (POC) with an expiry date.

Tenants in the Australian and Indian Region

The tenants (customer portals) added to the Australia and India regions look different from those added to other data regions.

By default, the tenants (customer portals) added to the Australian and Indian region have these changes:

  1. Check Point logo will be presented in the top left corner.
  2. Notifications and web pages will have the Check Point logo.
  3. Notification's default text and name of some configuration items shows the company name as Check Point instead of Avanan.


Managing Tenant License

To manage tenant license:

  1. Go to Manage Tenants.
  2. Select the tenant for which you need to update the license.
  3. Click Tenant Actions and select License.
  4. In the License Tenant pop-up that appears, select the required options.
    • Under Select License, select the required license. 
    • Under Maximum Licensed Users, enter the maximum number of users to be protected.
    • (Optional) Under Select Add-ons, select the required add-ons for the tenant.
      Note - Add-
      ons are optional features that require additional licenses. The selected add-ons will be billed automatically by Avanan.
  5. Click Save.

Creating a New MSP

Top-Level MSPs can manage Child MSPs. Each Child MSP is a fully functional MSP that can create and manage its tenants. Top-Level MSPs can manage both direct tenants and Child MSP tenants.

To create a new MSP:

  1. Go to Manage Tenants.
  2. Click Add MSP.
  3. Under Name, enter the Child MSP name.
  4. Click Save

Deleting a Tenant

To delete a tenant:

  1. Go to Manage Tenants.
  2. Select the tenant you need to delete
  3. Click Tenant Actions and select Delete.
  4. In the Delete Tenant pop-up that appears, enter delete.
  5. Click Delete.