Manage Tenants

The MSP Portal allows Managed Service Providers to manage their customer portals (tenants). It is possible to create new tenants and set their license package, as well as license add-ons. For Top-level MSP it is also possible to add child-MSP tenants - sub-tenant that allows smaller providers to manage their own customers.


Creating new tenant

To create a new tenant:

  1. On the Manage Tenants screen, click on Add Tenant.

  2. Fill the tenant creation form. Select the MSP tenant to which the new tenant will belong.

  3. Click Add Tenant button.

  4. A new tenant will be created. The tenant will be in a trial mode (POC), expiry date will be set to the tenant.

  5. To set tenant logo (optional):

    1. Select the tenant from the tenants list.

    2. Click on the Logo button.

    3. Upload a logo by either dragging an image to the dialog or clicking the Choose File button.

    4. Click Upload Logo button.

Manage Tenant License

To manage tenant license:

  1. On the Manage Tenants screen, select a tenant.

  2. Click on the License button.

  3. In the License dialog, select the license package from the available options.

  4. Select an Add-on (optional). Multiple add-ons can be selected.

    Add-ons are optional features that require additional license, and will be automatically billed by Avanan.

  5. Click on the Update License button.


Deleting tenants

  1. On the Manage Tenants screen, select a tenant.

  2. Click on the Delete button.

  3. Type in the word delete for further verification.

  4. Click on Delete Tenant button.