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MSP Portal - Customer Tenant Role Based Access Control

Administrators can now control which customer tenants each MSP Portal user has access to

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Granular Control of MSP Portal Users’ Access to Customer Data

MSP Portal administrators can now grant help desk users access to the customer’s sensitive data only for emails detected as threats

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Multi-Factor Authentication login to the portal

Avanan Portal will now support a more secured authentication process using Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

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Drill-Down to private data on detection is now available

Avanan Admins can now be limited to view messages and files content only when security engine detection is made.

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MSP Users now can be defined with Avanan Portal roles and permissions

Avanan MSP Portal now supports similar user management capabilities as the Avanan Portal, including Role assignment and permissions.

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SAML logout is now supported

Avanan now supports SAML Logout, allowing customers that use an SSO provider to log out from all the connected applications.

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MSP Portal now supports Child MSP User Management

Avanan's MSP Portal now allows to fully manage Child MSP users.

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User Profile - now showing more events information

The Avanan User Profile presents information on users, including user meta-data (location, state, etc.), interactions and more.

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Avanan Users - First and Last names become mandatory

Deployment starts July 6th, 2020. When creating new Avanan User, First name and Last name fields are now required. Existing users will also need to specify these attributes on the next user modificati...

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