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MSP Portal - Enhanced Look and Feel

The Avanan MSP Portal now has a new look and feel, along with some performance improvements 

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Termination of Legacy Avanan Portal

We completed our transition from the Legacy Portal. The legacy portal will be terminated starting Monday, October 18th, 2021.

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Restore Requests and User Reported Phishing screens now present state

The Restore Requests screen and the User Reported Phishing screen have been upgraded to include the request state.

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Allow/Block list rules group delete action

Multiple Blocklist and Allowlist rules can now be deleted together in group delete action.

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Allowlist/Blocklist management screens UI improvements

The SmartPhish BlockList and AllowList screens User Experience has been enhanced, now supporting filtering and sorting.

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The New Avanan Portal is now in Public Preview

The Avanan is having a major facelift. We're replacing the entire portal, improving the  experience, and enhancing the underlying UI framework. The new portal will becomes available for Avanan custome...

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Apps changes and screen removal

We're changing the following screens and menus:

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