The form administrators fill to create a new tenant is now simplified and shortened

Creating a new customer tenant is something administrators do multiple times a day.
It involves adding information about both the customer tenant and the first administrator user of this tenant.
Many MSPs often use the same first administrator for all the tenants they create, and all MSPs would enjoy having less fields to fill in.

The Avanan MSP Portal now allows MSPs to define the first administrator user that will be added by default to newly created tenants.
Then, when creating a new customer tenant, MSP administrators can select to use the predefined user, add a new one or to just have their user as the first administrator on the customer tenant.
To define the default first administrator user, go to Settings > Tenant Management > When a customer tenant is created and add the user details.

In addition, the Tenant Name field is automatically filled when the MSP administrator types in the customer company name.

The end result is a simplified form for enhanced usability, reducing human errors and less time spent when adding new customers.

Note - this feature is being deployed gradually. You should see it in your MSP portal during the next week.