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Custom Query Export Enhancements

Administrators can now export Custom Query results in XSLX format and results more than 10,000 lines.

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Enhanced Reporting on Microsoft / Google Misses and Detected Phishing Teams Messages

The Security Checkup report now details the way Microsoft / Google would have handled malicious emails and provides visibility to detected phishing Teams messages

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Scheduling Security Checkup Reports

Administrators can now schedule the Security Checkup reports to be sent in different frequencies to different recipients.

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Generate a 30-Day Security Checkup Report

Administrators can now manually generate Security Checkup reports to cover the last 30 days.

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Security Checkup Report - the New Periodic Threats Summary Report

Introducing the new Security Checkup report, a periodic summary report of all email and collaboration applications threats and how Avanan handled them.

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Daily Quarantine Digest Email stops showing non-actionable entries

The Daily Quarantine Digest Email Report, sent daily to the end-users, will stop showing non-actionable entries.

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Daily Digest user management UX improvements

The Daily Quarantined Emails Digest email configuration of 'Specific Users and Groups' selected items now appear in a dedicated items-list, making it easier to understand which users/groups are select...

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Weekly reports now include End-User Requests

Avanan is closely interacting with every employee in the organization, blocking malicious emails from reaching to the mailbox. In rare cases Avanan is misclassifying emails as malicious, and for that ...

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