Introducing the new Security Checkup report, a periodic summary report of all email and collaboration applications threats and how Avanan handled them.

Security personnel have to always be updated on the latest threats their organization is facing, whether they are fully prevented or not. 

Understanding the most attacked users, the type of phishing techniques used against them and even the data that is being leaked out, is crucial for an efficient and focused security team.

Avanan now introduces the new Security Checkup report - a detailed graphic report summarizing the threats the organization faced through emails, file sharing and messaging applications. It also provides a clear view to how the system handled these threats and who are the most attacked users, so that the security team focuses their efforts on them.

The Security Checkup report will replace the existing Weekly Report and will be sent every week to all administrators configured to receive it. Administrators will also be able to generate it on demand through Analytics & Reports -> Security Checkup


Note - this feature is now being gradually deployed and will become available in your portal during the next three weeks.