Deployment starts Sep 4, 2020.

Avanan Incident Response as a Service (IRaaS) now offers daily reports that provide details on the requests made by the end-users and the actions taken by Avanan Analysts.

Avanan IRaaS offers a team of highly-trained experts to review end-user requests to release emails from quarantine and take proper remediation action. The service will improve the security posture of the organization by improving the decision making of the security team, and reduce the chance of releasing a malicious email into the inbox. The service provides 24/7 response to end-user requests within SLA, and can reduce the operational overhead.

The daily report presents the requests made by the end-users every day and the actions that Avanan experts made: release the email from quarantine or deny the request; and quarantine an email that was reported as phishing or ignore the report.


The IRaaS daily report is sent to administrators. To enable IRaaS daily reports for specific users, go to Configuration > User Management, and check the 'Receive Reports' option.


For more information on Avanan IRaaS, click here.